Helping Overseas Businesses Succeed

UKA helps UK and European companies successfully navigate business opportunities in West Africa while creating sustainable economic and social development.


We also consult for overseas companies wanting to enter the UK market


About UKA Consultancy

Based in London with a regional office in Sierra Leone West Africa, our collaboration with Brunel University’s Co-innovative Programme has created an exciting new platform that brings European solutions to West African needs.

Our predominant focus is on the following sectors:










Our Vision

Our vision is to create positive, successful collaborations between European and African businesses to ensure sustainable economic growth that benefits both Africa and the West.

We do this by being a model for business consultancies in Africa, bringing a can-do attitude, on the ground pragmatism and western standards of business practice to ensure ongoing investment in the continent.

At the heart of our operation is an integrated approach towards helping organizations manage risk in Africa through the use of recognized international business standards and procedures.

We make a difference by giving you a constant presence with local knowledge on the ground in both the African and UK markets.

Our Services

  • Facilitating contracts for private, NGOs and public companies
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Business Consulting & Management

The Challenges

European firms entering emerging market such as West Africa face a complex set of challenges.

In most cases the business culture and infrastructure are less developed than in Europe. In Africa this has lead to inertia in creating a stable commercial framework. Local legislation is also different in every region.

A reliable resource supply chain cannot be guaranteed in developing markets so local knowledge is essential.

Gaining traction for a product or service in developing markets can be an uphill task due to the differences in culture, business practice, language or consumer understanding.

Environment also plays a factor, local conditions and infrastructure are often very different to Europe so an understanding of the best ways to manage local conditions is incredibly important for new entrants.

Finding and retaining qualified staff can also be barrier to success; however via the UKA Business Hub, along with our experience of staffing in the UK, we enable clients to access the resources they need for their specific business sector.

UKA Consultancy helps with all these potential snags, with knowledgeable and experienced partners in situ who have the resources and first hand experience necessary to facilitate successful entry into a new market

Our assistance for new market entrants helps to create real momentum overcoming practical challenges while providing advice on local business practices, regulations, environment and terminology, alongside practical and pragmatic facilitation on the ground.

Partnerships & Collaborations

In many emerging markets including West Africa it is common practice for new entrants to partner with local businesses to deliver goods and services.


The local knowledge we provide combined with our international experience allows us to facilitate productive partnerships to successfully deliver goods and services in challenging environments.


UKA Consultancy works with businesses at both ends of the chain, local and international, to create mutually beneficial partnerships. In many cases we will be involved prior to the tender process all the way through to project management.

A Business that’s Constantly Learning

To establish a sustainable and thriving commercial environment in emerging markets, constant learning, feedback and knowledge sharing are key.

 Our partnership with Brunel University’s Co-innovative programme ensures we are up to date with the latest business research and practice.

This allows us to offer leading-edge solutions to our partners on the ground, helping them grow as businesses wherever they are.